Pentland Hydrogen Hub


Located in far north Queensland adjacent to exiting Pentland resource projects, the site has direct access to rail between Mt Isa and Townsville port facilities. Approximately 230 km SW of Townsville, with direct access to rail, mains power, and major highway and is approximately 230km South West of Townsville. As a proposed ‘Blue Hydrogen’ plant, the project will produce transportable ammonia or, methanol, and electricity with all surplus CO2 to be captured and sold for export into the expanding Asian Food Grade CO2 market.


Pre-feasibility studies underway


Future projects are proposed to be located at the feedstock source to deliver:

  • Ammonia – growing demand worldwide for additional ammonia production for use as a transporter of hydrogen and for co-firing in power generation to reduce emissions.
  • Methanol – as a hydrogen transport medium OR as a chemical feedstock depending on the market demand
  • Clean electricity generation (Allam cycle) – further improving carbon capture.