Surat Basin Hydrogen Hub


The Surat Basin Hydrogen Hub will be located in Queensland’s Surat Basin in Southern Central Queensland. AFE has identified a number of key project sites for its proposed Surat Basin Hydrogen Hub and is currently completing a number of detailed scoping studies, prior to site selection and commencement of a detailed pre-feasibility study. The areas is accessible rail and road transport, and located close to existing gas pipeline infrastructure.  It is also well placed to be serviced by the proposed Carbon Transport and Storage Company (CTSCo) project in Queensland’s Surat Basin, for large scale and long term CCUS


Pre-feasibility studies underway


The site will specialise in the production of transportable ‘Blue Hydrogen’ as ammonia or methanol, and electricity using Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) for enhanced oil recovery and geological storage.

Future projects are proposed to be located at the feedstock source to deliver:   

  • Ammonia – growing demand worldwide for additional ammonia production for use as a transporter of hydrogen and for co-firing in power generation to reduce emissions.
  • Methanol – as a hydrogen transport medium OR as a chemical feedstock depending on the market demand
  • Clean electricity generation (Allam cycle) – further improving carbon capture.